Portable Peace

I recently completed an online 40-Day Awareness Challenge with Sanskrit and Tantra philosophy scholar and teacher Christopher Hareesh Wallis. I decided to take this course as a way to motivate myself to sit in meditation every day and spiritually grow to help deal with everyday challenges.

On day 29 of the challenge, Hareesh spoke about "The Unmoving Center" or the visranti. Visranti means to be in "a state or feeling of repose, peace or tranquility".  It is the place within each of us, where stillness already exists, the ground of pure being. Visranti is also a location, at the base and back of the heart center.  Whenever we find ourselves in challenging situations, we can come to this place of stillness, by first breathing slowly and fully, dropping our awareness into the visranti and connecting to feeling of peace and grace. 

From Tantra Illuminated, Hareesh writes:

“Visranti, repose, is quite beautiful. It means to rest in this peaceful ground of being, that state of real connectedness, which is as refreshing and delightful as the cooling rays of the moon after a scorching day.” 

Portable peace within each of us! I love tantra and Anusara.

Theme: Visranti

Heart Quality: Peace

Apex: Ardha Chandrasana

UPA: Open to Grace

You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level. ~ Ekhart Tolle