Breakdown and Breakthrough

As a teacher, I have a wish list. Number One on my wish list is that all students practice safely. I teach in various locations including park districts and studios. How often do you get students in your class that have an injury or a condition, or both? I get at least a few students like this in every class!

We all can feel a bit self-conscious or inadequate when we try something new or are not feeling 100%. Where do we park our mat when we feel this way? Most often we park our mat at the back of the room, hoping that we'll get through class unnoticed by all the other students, but still get a little help from the teacher. Been there!

As an Anusara-inspired teacher, I walk the room to keep an eye on the students to adjust them and help them modify. But what if these special students are parked all over the room in various locations? How do we get to these students that require extra help, in a timely manner?

 Tantra teaches that we are all one, and all experiences and manifestations are expressions of the divine. We may feel as if we are different in some way from everybody, but at some point all of our bodies will experience a breakdown. When your body goes through this, see it as  a breakthrough! A breakthrough to experience your divinity in the form of your feelings of anger and fear. These feelings are experienced by everybody, therefore we are one again, and yoga helps us uncover this essential truth. We can either embrace these feelings or let them control our behavior in a "negative" way so that we don't get the things we want in life, like modifications from the teacher. (P.S. Tantra also negates looking through a lense of seeing things as "bad" or "good".)

Teaching is a two-way street. As the teacher, I want to help you, to learn from your experiences and grow as a teacher. Every student that I get in class with these concerns, helps me grow as a teacher. When you show up fully as you are, at front and center of the room, you benefit by receiving help from the teacher without having to wait too long.